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Winter Training Clinic; The Innovative Player

What is an "Innovative" Player?

1 v 1 situations occur throughout any game and in all areas of the field.  

The aim of this clinic is to encourage, develop and educate player's with a variety of turns and moves which will help them be comfortable in 1 v 1 situations. 

The Innovative Player is;

- Technically Proficient on the ball

- Able to dominate in 1 v 1 situations

- Creative and brave on the ball


We want to give you the tools to be an exciting, creative player. The "innovative" player who gets those watching on the edge of their seats!!!!!


If you want to play like World Cup winer  Kylian Mbappé or soccer superstar Lionel Messi then sign up today!

The Four Typical 1 v 1 Situations

The clinic will focus around the four typical 1 v 1 situations. The clinic will educate and give players the understanding of what to do in these 4 situations.

1. Attacking Diagonally

Player on the ball dribbling forward when challenged by defender approaching diagonally 

Aim; To educate player on using a move to cut the ball away from defender and int space

2. Opposition on the Side

Player on the ball is being tracked by a defender who is by their side.

Aim; To educate player's on using a change of direction move to allow for more space or opportunity to pass, shoot or dribble. 

3. Face to Face

Player on the ball is directly attacking the defender

Aim; To educate player on various moves to create space & eliminate defender to create passing, dribbling or shooting opportunity. 

4. Back to Pressure

Player receives the ball with their back to defender/ goal, pressuring the attacker from behind

Aim; To educate player on how to unbalance a defender and allow them time and space to turn and face forward.

When & Where?

Dates; February 18th to March 11th (4 sessions)

Time; 7pm-8pm

Location: Court One Training Center, 7868 Old M-78, East Lansing, MI 48823, USA

Birth Years- 2010- 2006

Price; $50

Any questions or for more detailed information, please contact:

Jack Albanese

"Innovative Player" Coach